To our dear Customers

We have made the decision to close our Restaurant effective from today (Thursday 19th March 2020) until further notice.

Making such decisions is the hardest our company has faced since trading over the decades.
We understand the Government are brain storming to help everyone as best as they can and we will do everything in our powers to cooperate during this crucial moment.

My husband and I met in this restaurant through work in our young days and yesterday we were both together to close during this crisis with uncertainty ahead of us. We ask all of you to be strong and healthy and you must all work together going through high and lows that are thrown to us in our lifetimes.

We are not completely sure what the best way is to support our team and restaurant but we are keeping an open eye of communication with everyone and keeping track of current affairs.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us and our priority is to keep our health and the Public health in top form. We are determined not be beaten by this crisis.

If you have any bookings we ask you to cancel them if we haven’t contacted you as yet.

My tip is to make sure your immune system in top form and cook healthy food at home. We will make this work and be with you all the way! Make this a challenge for your mind and you will get through this. I promise.