To our dear Customers

To all our Dear  Customers.

On behalf of Golden Dragon Restaurant I announce we have opened our doors for business with Covid Restrictions. We have followed the guidelines on website to ensure safety for our Staff, our Family and Customer safety is number one priority. We had been open on 15th July at start of Phase 3 but using the time since 15th to warm up and take tentative steps before we announce our formal opening in social media. 

We’ve used the past 2 weeks to build confidence on our operations and make even more and improved changes to be sure of Covid protection. 

As you would all understand there changes to our Restaurant which many of you will be familiar in our everyday day life since March 2020.

We really welcome you all back and have really missed you all. Even we wear our face-coverings we are still the same friendly faces as before. 

I thought it would be easier to guide you all on photos with explanations.

Here is a general summary :

• Tables are spaced on 2 m 

• Social distance stickers to remind customers . Interior and Exterior. 

• Posters to remind customers do not come in if your Covid Symptoms.

• Hand gel / Hand Sanitiser station once you arrive.

• Disposable menus that can be used as placemats too for hygiene 

• A reduced menu with our best sells due to small teams for SD reasons . But flexibility if there’s something you want but don’t see please ask and we will do our best to accommodate. 

• One way system with arrows / Hazard Stickers 

• Main Door left open for increased ventilation. Also a Fan linked to outside .

• Face coverings / PPE worn by all Staff. 

• Reduced capacity to under to approximately 35-40% of Pre Covid.

• No big groups , max 6 to a group (2 tables ) , Mandarin Function Room closed . Mainly table of 2 or 4 Guests.

• 5-6 foot Covid screens (4) 

• Hand wipes on table. Can offer more if needed.

• Contact Tracing slips on table. We comply with Privacy Notice . This can be asked for too. Forms to hold details of date , name and contact details for Contact tracing purposes. For 21 days. We hold securely in envelope then shred after 21 days. 

• Clean pens available in cleaning station and after finishing place in “Used Pen” jar.

• Tables cleaned after being vacant with the chairs backings .

• No tableware , flowers,salt and pepper on table. Salt / pepper Cleaned after table vacant then put to back of shelf to quarantine- extra precaution . Cutlery, napkins brought out after ordering on a jug. Soya Sauce is in individual packaging . Ketchup poured onto a little dish , no whole bottle brought out. 

• Rice / dishes are served and placed on table and we don’t serve rice on individual plates to minimise contact

• One person in toilet in any one time. This is not manned but internal door is left open so it’s visible if toilet is engaged .

• Frequent Cleaning of Key touch areas , toilet door handles, knob, flush button, taps.

• Wipe down card machine on every PIN tapped.

• All other Hygiene measures still continue in kitchen conforming to HACCP requirements.

• Health of Staff is constantly monitored .

Going forwards we advise booking in advance as tables are reduced due to Social distancing especially in evenings / dinner time. Before it wasn’t so essential to book and it was convenient for those who wish to walk in. You can still walk in and free yourself from your routine but please check and call to be sure just before arrival a table is available to avoid disappointment.

Currently on weekends we don’t have set limit on seating but this will be on constant review to ensure a fair allocation of seating / tables for all our customers . 

Our opening hours are currently:
Last orders for kitchen is 9pm. This is to allow extra time for cleaning at the end of day. 

If you have questions please phone or message us and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.

Although the Premises has been a Chinese Restaurant since 1964 and we’ve been operating as a family business since 1994 on Castle Street we hope we have everything covered relating to be compliant your all public safety. If you have any ideas or feedback we always welcome that too ; we are equally new to all these measures. We hope to see you all and enjoy the food and service we have been doing for so long . Our aim to to make you relax and catch up with your friends & family and escape the normal daily routine. To satisfy your tummy and give you an escape from home for a short spell.