Special Menu

The art of Chinese cuisine consists of the combination of Ying & Yang, opposing elements like our meat and vegetables.
This makes our food healthy and well balanced.

Photos: Food props and side portions are not included in the price of main dish.

Contains chilli |  Suitable for vegetarians

£7.60 排骨 Barbequed Spare Ribs.

An aromatic starter where traditionally prepared spare ribs are freshly spiced to taste then barbequed.

£7.90 蝦多士Sesame Prawn Toast.

An appetising starter consisting of finely chopped fresh prawns on toast with sesame seeds, deep fried and served with fresh lettuce.

Per Person

£8.70 拼盤(一 人) Deep Fried Combination Platter.

A mouth watering starter consisting of spare rib, spring roll, deep fried won ton, sesame prawn toast, chicken wings and crispy vegetable.

£6.10 云吞湯 Won Ton Soup.

A delicious Chinese soup with minced pork & prawns wrapped in a thin sheet of pastry.

£11.20  干炒牛肉絲 Deep Fried Shredded Beef in Chilli Sauce.

Our Capital winning dish using lean shredded beef deep fried with finely chopped seasonal root vegetable with fresh spring onion, garlic, chilli sauce and a touch of wine.

stir fried squid with ginger and spring onion

£13.90 姜葱鮮尤 Stir Fried Squid with Ginger and Spring Onion.

A dish for an adventurer where fresh squids are flavoured then quickly stir fried with fresh ginger, spring onions, and a touch of wine.

£10.50 檸檬雞 Lemon Chicken.

A favourite choice with our customers where deep fried chicken in crispy golden batter is served with homemade lemon sauce.

sweet sour pork

£9.80 古老肉 Sweet and Sour Pork (Cantonese Style).

Succulent pork is prepared to retain the juice, then stir fried with green peppers, onions, pineapple and a sprinkle of wine.

香酥鴨 Aromatic Crispy Duck.

• Whole £49.00
• Half £27.00
• Quarter £17.00
Duck is marinated for 3 hours before final cooking, and then served with Chinese pancakes, hoi sin sauce, finely chopped spring onion and cucumber.

Broccoli with Beancurd

£10.90 什菜豆腐 Stir Fried Beancurd & Vegetables.

Stir fried vegetables with fresh bean curd in a light and tasty garlic soy sauce.

deep and stir fried king prawns

£16.50 炸京大蝦 Deep and Stir Fried King Prawns (Peking Style).

Fresh king prawns are flavoured and then cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, spring onion and a sprinkle of wine for a fuller taste.

£12.20 牛腩煲 Beef Brisket Hot Pot.

A favourite of the Chinese. Scottish Beef Casserole cooked until tender with Chinese herbs. This is what people have
been talking about and enjoyed!

£13.80 招牌炒飯 “Golden Dragon” Special Fried Rice.

This house speciality is served with fresh vegetables, char siu roast pork, prawns, sliced chicken and much more.

Singapore Style Noodles

£13.50 星洲炒面Singapore Style Noodle.

A warming curry flavoured Chow Mein with Egg, Char Siu and Prawns with the crunch of healthy vegetables too.


We do offer fresh local lobster or crab dishes which must be pre ordered.
Please enquire if interested. Delicious with Ginger and noodles but don’t be shy to use your fingers. Do ask for other
seafood dishes.

Service charge of 10% will be added