31 Jul 2016 A TripAdvisor Member
“Special attention since the waiters were from Guangdong province, southern China. Where my parents was born in the village Empin and we spoke in Cantonese and we felt at home and the food was good and my wife asked tasty noodle soup and rice noodles with beef: EXCELLENT.”
July 2016  A TripAdvisor Member
July 2016  A TripAdvisor Member
15 June 2016  A TripAdvisor Member
“My husband and I were in the mood for Chinese food and this restaurant popped up as being closest to us at that moment in time. Service was excellent: prompt and courteous. I had the crispy fried beef that our server suggested is popular with visitors. It was delicious and I stopped myself short of licking the platter clean. My husband had the beef and broccoli which was tender but lacked a bit in flavor compared to my meal. the restaurant itself is older, but clean and appears well maintained.”
29 May 2016  A TripAdvisor Member
“Delicious food, super-fast service”
May 2016  A TripAdvisor Member
“Delicious food, quick service, welcoming atmosphere. Highly recommend even for vegetarians. Their vegetarian fried rice is amazing, the coconut ice-cream even more so!”
19 May 2016  A TripAdvisor Member
“Excellent authentic food!”
May 2016  A TripAdvisor Member
“Our family of four were on a day trip to Edinburgh and we chanced upon this lovely restaurant located just a stone’s throw away from Princes Street Gardens. Upon entering, we were seated quickly and the staff was efficient in bringing us the menu. We ordered the Fujian fried rice which came with a delicious gravy topping filled with prawns, char siu, diced mushrooms and more. We also ordered the wanton soup noodles which were delightful as the wantons were huge and had a nice crunch to them. We had some side orders of dim sum to complement the meal. Definitely an enjoyable meal and highly recommend if you are around the area (or yearning for some quality home-cooked food at its best!!).”
Jan 2016  David Cook
“Food fantastic and plenty of it service very good”
Jan 2016  Ewan Adamson
“Had a great time here, I loved all the great food.”
April 2016 Jielin Lin
“Enjoy food enjoy environment enjoy service,allguys there are very nice!”